Patient journey

If you have an endodontic (root canal) problem and are currently registered with a dental practice, please discuss your problem with your dentist and your dentist will refer you directly to us.

As soon as your dentist refers you to us we will get in touch with you to confirm that we have received your referral and how to organise your initial consultation.

If you are not registered with a dental practice, you can contact us first to discuss your problem or book a consultation.

Please be mindful that we believe you should register with a dentist for your routine oral care. In most instances, your root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) will only be concluded once you see your dentist for the final restoration. This final step will improve the success rate of the treatment. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.


Once we receive your referral, we will get in touch to confirm the receipt of your referral. We will also provide you with pertinent information regarding your endodontic journey. If all information has been gathered, we will be able to organise your consultation instantly.

Some intricate treatments may require further examinations. Also planning with your dentist for a multidisciplinary treatment strategy may be necessary. Dr Vaz de Souza will be contacting the multidisciplinary team and will endeavour to keep you updated.


To understand your treatment needs and to devise a personal treatment plan, Dr Vaz de Souza will discuss your concerns and problems, dental and medical history, and then he will explain the planning sequence and the nature of the root canal treatment procedure.

Dr Vaz de Souza will assess your tooth, and deliver further examination and tests that may include dental x-rays. Some complex treatments may require further examinations, including a 3D scan of your tooth that may be required following your initial consultation.

There will be sufficient time to discuss concerns that you may have regarding your problem and treatment plan.

If treatment is deemed to be required, a treatment appointment will be organised for you to attend the practice following your initial assessment.

First visit to the practice

Once you arrive to our practice, you will be greeted by our friendly reception team. If your medical history form has not been finalised, you will receive a new form to complete. The team will also ensure that all pre-appointment information has been successfully received.

You will then be asked to take a seat in our comfortable waiting area and shortly after you will be welcomed by a clinical team member who will lead you to the specialist endodontic room for your consultation.

Dr Vaz de Souza will carefully discuss your needs and concerns and will carry out a thorough examination.

Following the completion of your examination, Dr Vaz de Souza will write to you and your dentist for an update on the findings of your initial appointment. He will also inform your dentist if any further restorative work will be required once your treatment has been finalised.

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