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Devoted to saving teeth

"Both Daniel and his assistant were great…very polite, very caring and resolved my problem. I can honestly recommend if you are a nervous person."

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Welcome to East of England Endodontics

Endodontist in Norwich

Devoted to saving teeth

We are a specialist endodontic referral service operating in the East of England. We are based in Norwich but you can also find us in Chelmsford.

Our practice is dedicated purely to root canal treatments and modern microscopic endodontic procedures. We offer outstanding dentistry and expertise and we endeavour to make your experience as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Our devotion to saving teeth comes from a deep belief that your teeth are profoundly invaluable.

Dr Daniel Vaz de Souza is a registered specialist endodontist with years of clinical experience and in teaching newer generations of specialist endodontists.

Providing root
treatments since
Uses modern
microscopic endodontic
Several additional
qualifications to provide
outstanding dentistry
Honorary Treasurer of
the British Endodontic
Experienced specialist
endodontic teacher at
King's College London

Root Canal Treatment

We offer root canal treatment to alleviate pain and save a damaged/infected tooth. This procedure involves removing the infected or damaged pulp from the inside of the tooth, cleaning and shaping the interior of the tooth, and filling and sealing it to prevent reinfection. By performing a root canal, you can preserve the tooth and prevent the need for an extraction.

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We specialise in providing a range of endodontic treatments to help you preserve your natural teeth and maintain good oral health. These treatments include root canal therapy and trauma management. With our expertise in endodontics, we are able to provide you with effective, long-lasting solutions for preserving your natural teeth and maintaining optimal oral health.

Root canal Trauma Management


All our staff are registered with GDC (General Dental Council). The whole dental team keep up with their CPD (Continual Professional Development) to continually increase their knowledge and keep up to date on techniques and best practice in all aspects of dentistry.

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Trauma Management

We also offer trauma management for patients who have sustained injury to their teeth. This may include repairing chips, cracks, or fractures, or addressing injuries to the soft tissues. Your goal is to restore the function and appearance of the affected tooth and prevent long-term complications. By providing timely and effective trauma management, we can help you recover from dental injuries and regain oral health.

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